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The Black Birth Project 

Harnessing the narratives of Black birthing persons to support service improvements in Canadian reproductive healthcare.

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About Us

The Black Birth Project is a nonprofit organization focused on improving reproductive health outcomes for Black people in Canada through community research, advocacy and education. Our organization keeps the principles of reproductive justice at the forefront of our initiatives. We believe in approaching our work with a dual modality of both prevention and intervention in order to have the largest impact on our community. 


A future where every Black person in Canada can experience compassionate, inclusive, and safe reproductive healthcare, embodying our values of reproductive justice, integrity, and unwavering commitment.


The Black Birth Project is unwavering in its commitment to transform the narrative of reproductive healthcare in Canada. Through dedicated research, community events, and the provision of free resources and tools, our mission is to support and connect Black patients, fostering a healthcare environment
rooted in compassion and justice.

We strive to revolutionize reproductive healthcare in Canada by educating and engaging healthcare providers. Through strategic training initiatives and relentless advocacy for systemic change, we aim to reduce discriminatory practices, creating more inclusive, safe, and compassionate spaces in healthcare for all



The Black Birth Project is co-founded by two Black perinatal health advocates who are passionate about making change in Canadian health care.

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