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The Black Birth Project 

Harnessing the narratives of Black birthing persons to support service improvements in Canadian reproductive healthcare.

Pregnant belly

About Us

The Black Birth Project is a community-based research project aimed at addressing current gaps in Canadian research about Black birthing people. In the US, Black women are 3 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes while in Canada, there isn't sufficient race-based data collection or analysis to understand what the Black maternal mortality rate is.

 One study has found that the preterm birth rate of Black infants in Canada is similarly disproportionate to the rate in the US. Unfortunately, there aren't widely available stats to better understand the needs of Black birthing people and where the health care system can better support us. Much of the other research that exists about Black people in medical settings and specifically related to birth are US based which for a variety of reasons, often isn't applicable to the Canadian context.

This project is an act of community care focused on empowering Black birthing people with resources and providing training & workshop opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Meet the Team

The Black Birth Project is co-founded by two Black perinatal health advocates who are passionate about making change in Canadian health care.

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